Upkeep Practices that Can Help Prolong the Service Life of Hot Tubs

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So you have finally picked the perfect hot tub from the numerous available options in Vancouver but lost on the right care. Even with the sturdiest, best quality tub, proper maintenance is necessary if you are to enjoy its full benefits. It would be a shame to lose such an investment or downgrade the standards of a tub just because you didn’t give it the attention it deserves. Cleanliness is one of the factors that contribute to the proper functioning of a hot tub.


Testing and Adding Chemicals

Firstly, hot tubs in Vancouver products require the right chemical levels in the water, so you need to conduct checks while adding more if necessary. The reason chemical levels need monitoring is that when they are too low, that will leave room for bacterial growth while high quantities will corrode the equipment, particularly the plumbing. You can tell the right chemical levels by testing the pH of the water using testing strips that you can readily buy in Vancouver hot tubs stores. A pH of between 7.4 and 7.6 is ideal for your tub use.

When adding several chemicals in the tub, do it one at a time because it helps in mixing them up and reduces the chances of reactions between different compounds. Also, keep the jets running because the water will help with the blending. Mostly, chlorine is utilised when chemically treating a tub although other chemicals will do the trick, so ask a hot tub supplier about the best alternatives.

Cleaning the Tub

Cleaning is the other vital part of good hot tub maintenance. A spa located outside may get debris even when using a cover, especially if the area is highly treed; hence, ensure that you remove debris that may make its way into the tub. With continued use, the surface of a spa will accumulate dirt and grease from body oils, making it essential to brush the surface at least every week.

The filter in a hot tub is responsible for keeping the water clean, but that is only possible when it is not clogged; therefore, regular cleaning is necessary. Hot tubs suppliers can provide you with information on how to go about with the cleaning of a filter.

A filter can last up to two years but should be replaced when it gets damaged. The hot tub cover also needs cleaning to keep it working, and you can do that by using a gentle cleaner that is not abrasive to the material used in its construction.


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