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If you’ve finally decided on buying a hot tub but you still have no idea where to put it, then this article is for you! Here are some factors to consider:

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While it can be positioned pretty much anywhere, if you do have a pool, it might make sense to install it nearby.

When it gets cool, swimmers like to soak in the hot tub, and appreciate the short walk it takes to get there when it’s right near the pool. From a plumbing and electricity standpoint, it also makes sense to locate a pool and spa near each other.

Also think about convenience to your house, especially at night or in the winter, when a long trip from the hot tub to the house becomes even longer when you’re dripping wet and it’s freezing outside. Source: TheSpruce

Your hot tub needs to be placed on a level surface that can comfortably bear its weight. Concrete about ten centimeters thick and reinforced with steel cross bars is the most suitable surface for a hot tub.

Your choice of location should facilitate easy access to the spa’s internal or external components. Be sure to position the hot tub in such a way that it satisfies your city code stipulations.

For your safety, you should ensure that the distance between the spa and overhead power lines exceeds ten feet. Source: DoItYourself

The View
No not the day time talk show, the view from where you will be sitting.  Take a chair and put in where you will be sitting in the hot tub.  Do you like the view?  Move the chair until you are happy with what you will be looking at from your new hot tub. Source: Patch

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