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Experience a Real Massage

Trinity massage chairs are medical products built with leading technology. Their 3D detection function can adjust to body height to act on more than 500 pressure points. They bring you professional, comfortable physical therapy, and will leave you feeling refreshed and healthy.

Deluxe Massage Chair TR-60

Air pressure massage for arms
Airbag massage in seat
Carbon fiber far infrared heating function
Chest and shoulder massage
Adjustable head cushion & upper arm rests
back-waist twist
Audio port and 3D digital sound
VFD controller with 3 memory modes
Eight automatic massage programs
61 airbags

Deluxe Massage Chair TR-70

Airbag arm and leg massage
Swing hip function
back-waist twist
Chest and shoulder massage
Freely adjustable head cushion
Adjustable upper arm massage
Magnetic therapy
Eight automatic massage programs
53 airbags

Deluxe Massage Chair TR-51

Arm and leg stretch
Foot swivel
Extendible calf rest
Foot mastoid massage
Air pressure massage for legs
Magnetic therapy
Six automatic massage programs
37 airbags

Featured Color!

Our best seller: Brown