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Children love playing in the water. If they see the adults lounging in the hot tub, they’ll surely want to join. Let them have fun while ensuring their safety by taking note of the following tips:

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Opt for Hot Tubs with Safer Drain Covers

  • Entanglement of hair in the suction fitting of a hot tub is another hazard that can result in drowning. Drain covers that reduce the danger of hair entanglement are available, but children should not be allowed to go underwater in a hot tub or play in any way that would bring their hair near the drain cover.
  • A similar danger is getting caught by the strong suction of a drain. Newer hot tubs are equipped with two outlets for each pump, reducing the suction if one outlet is blocked. Grandparents who own older hot tubs should consider buying a newer hot tub with two outlets. Dome-shaped drain covers also are available to reduce the suction that occurs with flat drain covers. Source: TheSpruce

Lower the Water Temperature
Children are much more sensitive to heat than adults, making the standard heat settings on your hot tub potentially dangerous for them. While no modern tub will heat above 104° F, this temperature is often far too high for your children. Keeping your hot tub at this warmer temperature will be uncomfortable for many kids and it can cause them to overheat much faster as well.

Instead, try lowering the temperature to 95° F so your child won’t overheat while they are enjoying a soak in the tub. This temperature will still be very warm and soothing for your children but won’t be too hot for them causing discomfort or overheating if they stay in the tub for an extended period of time. Source: SwimUniversity

Beware of Ear Infections
High temperatures promote the growth of bacteria. An earful of the water can lead to an ear infection, especially if your child is already prone to them. To help prevent ear infections, be sure that she does not fully submerge her head in the water while in a hot tub. Source: Livestrong

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