Don’t Let Leaks Ruin Your Hot Tub Experience and Look for These Signs

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A hot tub provide an excellent way for people to relax and spend time with family and friends. For some homeowners in Vancouver and elsewhere, these devices help reduce pain and discomfort. All such benefits are only possible if the hot tub is well-maintained. Regular maintenance like cleaning the filters and changing of water to reduce chemical buildup go a long way in keeping the hot tub in good condition. However, it does not always prevent hot tub leaks. You can be better prepared to deal with potential issues if you are familiar with certain components and how they work.

Pump Leaks

This is perhaps the most common hot tub leak. The tub may require more water refills than usual while the surrounding area becomes damp. In most cases, the shaft seal needs to be replaced, or the union fittings tightened. Sometimes, the volute may develop cracks when left submerged in freezing water, thus calling for a replacement. Where all such parts are damaged completely, you should consider buying a new pump at the local pool and hot tub store.

Hot Tub Experience


All valves are prone to leaks, thus the need to conduct routine checks. Hot tubs in Vancouver have different types of valves, and each kind requires different repair procedures. For instance, knife style valves have two halves that are fastened together with a gasket located between them, which often cause water leaks. Other kinds of hot tubs have the valves fitted on either side of a pump so that water does not have to be drained to repair the pump. The valves are susceptible to leakages and have to be replaced.

The Heater

Heaters can also have leaks. Once you have eliminated a pump leak, check the heater’s assembly unit, the pressure switch, and other components. Replace all parts that are a potential sources of the leakage.

Loose Connections

Tighten and reseal any loose jets, pipes, or connections that may cause leaks. Leaking jets indicate a failing gasket that needs to be replaced. Be sure to consult a hot tub manufacturer on the type of gasket to buy. Cracked PVCs can be repaired using a bonding agent that acts by hardening the pipe.

The Hot Tub Shell

Hot tub shells are made of a combination of sturdy fiberglass that is strengthened with other layers that make leaks almost impossible. However, if the shell has a leakage, fasten the jet or other attachments that appear loose. Apply PVC bonding agents to seal an actual shell leak.

Buying a hot tub is a great investment to your health and relaxation. Being aware of these issues can help prolong its life, but always be sure to contact your supplier for complex service and maintenance needs.

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