The Best Advice for First Time Hot Tub Buyers

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Considering the price of a high quality hot tub, before you step into the store, you should make a list of things to consider. Start with the following:

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Schedule a wet test
Always “wet test” your hot tub before you buy. Wet testing is the act of actually soaking in a filled hot tub before you make your purchase.

Test the tub with everyone in your family who will be using it the most. Test the different seats with different jet pressures. If you want a lounge, make sure it’ll work for you.

Just think, you would never buy a car without test driving it, so the same should go for a hot tub. Source: SwimUniversity

Check the contract
When you buy, make sure your contract includes all the details about the hot tub’s construction, installation dates, payment schedule and warranty coverage. It should also specify your responsibilities in the event of unexpected snags, like hitting a utility line. Source: ConsumerSearch

Find out proper maintenance procedures
Sometimes the most enjoyable luxury or add-on purchases go unused if they require too much work to use or to maintain. Hot tubs take work, but if you plan ahead, they can be very efficient in upkeep and use.

Spas need water and electricity, so choosing the best pump for the tub size is important as is selecting the right size for how much you want to budget. Powering and warming an eight-seated in-ground tub, for instance, will cost more than running an above-ground two-seater, but if you need the larger model you can save considerably depending on the choices you make before installation. Many models feature energy-efficient materials and mechanical parts that can save time and money, so researching greener options before shopping can save you in the long-term. Source: Home.HowStuffWorks

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