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It’s common for people to feel stressed out once the holidays are over. After all, you’ve just had a lot of parties, shopping, and socializing. The following tips can help make you feel better:

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Plan fun activities
Do things that give you cause to look forward to something. Revive the excitement of anticipation by arranging fun activities, such as having dinner with friends, starting a new class for a hobby or interest, attending a sporting event regularly, going to the movies, etc. Choose activities that meet your budget and interests, and that you know will give you a thrill. Source: WikiHow

 Use your time wisely
Manage your time. Jumping right into work after a holiday can seem like a daunting task. Although you probably had an out-of-office message up, you can’t help but feel that you should respond to everyone as soon as possible. Realize that this is not a smart approach, and that you need to effectively manage your time by setting priorities so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Take a break
Get some rest. The holidays are not usually the relaxing, stress-free time they seem to be. In fact, a lot of the stress that we bring into the workplace is leftover stress from the holidays. It’s likely that you didn’t get a minute’s rest with parties, events, and entertaining family. Plus, you probably didn’t sleep very well. When the holidays are over, make sure to get plenty of rest, including 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Source: Blog.eSkill

Look back to the moments you spent with loved ones
Recall the parties, family gatherings, people you met, family members with whom you reconnected. Recall the memories, not from the perspective that it’s over, but that it happened. How did those encounters affect you or change you? What can you take away from these encounters? Might you have made new friendships? Connect with the new friend. Did you meet distant family members? Develop a plan to stay in touch in a meaningful way. Source: PsychCentral

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