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Using chemicals in hot tubs, particularly chlorine, lets you have fun without compromising safety. Despite its amazing advantages, it can make your skin and hair dry when you soak too long. Take note of the following tips:

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Wear a swim cap
Caps aren’t just for the pros, peeps. They’re especially important if your hair is naturally dry, chemically treated, or already breaking from hot styling tools. Chlorine is more powerful on weaker hair. Source: Fitness Magazine

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen
When it comes to your skin, skip those special pre-swim formulas. They might help minimize chlorine damage, but they can also lessen the effect of SPF (that you obviously already put on 15 minutes before you got to the pool, right?). Choose a moisturizing body lotion with SPF that can act as a barrier to the chlorine while still keeping you protected from sun damage. Win/win! Source: More

Rinse off right after soaking
Head to the shower as soon as you get out of the water. Showering right away will help to remove any chlorine or salt on your skin before it has a chance to dry it out or cause irritation.

If you tend to get in and out of the water while you swim, try to shower between swims. This will help to reduce the amount of time the pool or ocean water stays on your skin. Even just using a spray bottle filled with tap water may help to rinse yourself off a little. Source: WikiHow

Drink lots of water
Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and minimizing the intake of caffeine and alcohol. Dehydration decreases the skin’s natural defenses which make the skin more likely to be damaged by chlorine. Ensure that your urine is never darker than light yellow. Source: StandardMedia

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