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Constantly juggling a demanding work schedule and a busy personal life may leave you burned out. You can avoid going crazy despite having to live an insane schedule every day by simply following these tips:

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Include free time in your schedule
Because hard-charging entrepreneurs are proficient at filling their schedules with goal activities, we can make great progress by using our planning strengths to our advantage. Make downtime a specific goal and schedule in the time and the steps you will take to achieve it. Exercise and reading are activities you can schedule in to achieve. The same applies to date night or to planned activities for physical relaxation and play. Perhaps you can set a goal of achieving 3-5 relaxation activities a week and build them into your calendar. If circumstances require you to miss a scheduled downtime event, you can discipline yourself to replace it with another, thus maintaining an increasingly better balance of work time and play. Source: Forbes

Say no
When your workload is maxed out, be assertive about saying no. Help your boss understand that your plate is full and you’re not being insubordinate.

Stay within your scheduled hours. Once you’ve learned to keep work from cutting into your personal time, you will become more empowered to enjoy life outside the office walls. Source:  Journal.ThriveGlobal

Let go of time-sapping activities
Have you noticed that some activities take more time than they should, or are physically and mentally draining beyond the time they require? Maybe you have a friend or a set of friends who tend to bond over too much drinking or gossip. Yes, you appreciate their friendship, but you leave these situations feeling dragged down instead of enriched. Or you are clinging to maintenance activities you could delegate or hire someone else to take care of and add a welcome lift to your day. Source: Medium

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