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Gathering your friends and family to celebrate the holidays can be challenging due to everyone’s busy schedule. The great thing is that you can hold an open house party where every one of them can come at their most convenient time. Remember to do the following:

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Have a plan
From a logistical standpoint, having guests coming and going over a period of hours takes some planning. Always have someone on door duty ready to welcome newcomers. Set aside a location for coats and any hostess gifts you may be receiving. Make high-traffic areas, like bathrooms, easy to find and use by eliminating unnecessary clutter. This might also be a good time to put your delicate breakables, like great aunt Edna’s crystal vase, out of the way. Decorating for an open house by displaying your treasured belongings will show your home and taste to advantage, but accidents happen, so be forewarned. Source: Recipe.HowStuffWorks

Prepare party food
Start by thinking about buffet-style food that can be served at room temperature — or, if served warm, can cool to room temperature and still be appealing. Don’t feel the need to have an enormous menu — four or five offerings are just fine, but consider making more than one platter of each dish. You can swap out the picked-over plate as the party goes on, and switch in a fresh new plate. And of course, everything needs to be made ahead. You don’t want a house full of people while you dash around the kitchen sauteing salmon or whipping cream. Think about color, things that make sense together on a plate, and make sure you have something from all the food groups. Don’t forget to have an offering for those who are vegetarian and gluten-free, if you know some of your guests will be looking for these options. Source: FoodNetwork

Keep it casual
To make it easier on yourself (and your guests), keep the atmosphere casual. An open house should be an informal party that allows the host and/or hostess the opportunity to celebrate with family, friends and neighbors in a relaxed atmosphere. Set the mood with festive holiday music and decorations. Use the decorations that you already have, rather than splurging on expensive new ones. Sparkling Christmas lights, wreaths and poinsettias will go a long way. Source: SheKnows

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