3 Tips on Lowering Your Hot Tub Energy Bill

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Don’t let a potential increase in your electricity bill hinder you from spending a lot of time in your hot tub. Enjoy more hot tub time with your family and friends without worrying about the cost by following these tips:

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Add more insulation
Take a peek inside your spa cabinet…can you add some insulation? We recommend foil-faced bubble-wrap, available at most home improvement stores. It’s waterproof, cuts w/ scissors, staples/stuffs in and is R3 per 1/4″ (the ‘double-bubble’ is best). Source: WikiHow

Invest in a solar cover
Heat rises, that is why so much insulation is placed in the attics of homes. The same principle applies to your hot tub as well. Most hot tubs come with covers that provide decent insulation, but you can often do better. As your hot tub cover ages, cracks can form that reduce its ability to effectively insulate your hot tub causing.

The more heat you lose, the more energy you will spend reheating the water. Be sure your hot tub cover is in perfect shape and if you must replace it, do your homework and buy a cover that will do a great job insulating your tub. Source: SwimUniversity

Lower the thermostat a little
Adjust the hot tub’s thermostat down a few degrees. Hot tubs are automatically set to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, but you won’t miss the extra heat if you dial it down to 101 or 102 degrees instead. The hotter the water already is, the more energy it takes to increase the temperature further, so this small adjustment can make a big difference. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

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