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Once the holiday rush is over and you finally get to have some “me time,” indulge yourself by relaxing in your hot tub. You can make it more fun by picking up a new hobby to do while soaking. Here are the top choices:

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This is pretty much the ultimate frugal hobby. Almost every community has a library you can use for free as long as you follow the rules and return your books on time. You can also start a book club, or swap books with friends to find more reading material. Source: MoneyPeach

Relaxing through meditation
Meditation is shown to improve concentration, will power, and will boost your immune system. Plus, it can decrease stress, depression, and anxiety, among other things. Basically, it’s an excellent hobby to adopt for anyone who needs a little zen.

To get started set aside time for yourself to meditate. No amount of time is too small, so don’t get overwhelmed by thinking that you need to devote an hour a day to meditation. Next, get into a calming environment to quiet your mind. You can be on a park bench, or on the beach, or on your couch. Just make sure you’re somewhere where you feel at peace. Source: Buzzfeed

Listening to music
Music lovers know what it is like to be able to forget the world around you and totally immerse yourself in the flowing melodies of your favorite song. Relaxing in the hot tub is the perfect time for music lovers to enjoy their favorite artists without being disturbed. Soaking in a tub of warm, swirling water will already put you in the right frame of mind to truly listen to your favorite songs and hear the subtle notes, phrases, and tones found in each song giving you a much deeper appreciation for the music and artist. Source: SwimUniversity

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