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When you think of a luxury home, what comes to mind is an escape—a place that makes you forget your troubles. What sets this kind of home apart from the rest is the amenities that help bring peace of mind to the people living in it. Find out more as you read below:

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Great outdoor entertaining area
A fully-stocked indoor kitchen is simply not enough for one who seeks luxury.  Wealthy buyers now crave the creature comforts of a cozy outdoor kitchen and cooking area.

The top amenities of the ideal outdoor kitchen would include a built-in gas grill, a sink and stainless food prep area, a small fridge for food and drink storage, and plenty of lavish stone patio seating areas for entertaining.

Large pools, hot tubs and changing cabanas also top this lavish wish list. Expansive pools with water features such as waterfalls and plenty of privacy are a must. The leisure life is moving out-of-doors and those homes that have this al fresco flair rank high in the upper crust life style. Source: Freshome

Smart features
Technology means convenience and convenience is the ultimate luxury. High-end home shoppers are looking for ways to make their lives easier. Home automation systems offer entertainment, security, lighting controls, temperature adjustment and more at just the push of a button or the command of your voice.

Shades and doors open automatically and you can control water and fire features, or set the mood with your favorite music streaming service. Newer homes have also integrated green technology, solar energy systems and high-tech water irrigation systems. It’s not uncommon to find an electric charging station in the garage for your electric-powered vehicle. Source: RealEstate.USNews

Natural light and scenic views
An apartment interior that is open to the outdoors and lets in lots of natural light improves your mood—and resale value. That openness is usually more important than outdoor space. Do you look at a park, a river, a bridge or a skyline? Are these views protected? Understanding the surrounding air rights and zoning allowances of neighboring buildings will give you a pretty good handle on your risks. Source: Forbes

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